Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are students allowed to save and edit their applications?

    Yes, students have the ability to start their application, save their work, and finish it before the deadline.

  2. How many students are selected in each category?

    There are multiple students selected per category. We do not have a set number of maximum number of students selected per category.

  3. Can students apply for more than one category?

    No, students are not allowed to apply to more than one category, so choose the category that best reflects your accomplishments and characteristics.

  4. Who is eligible to participate?

    The following is the basic guidelines for participation:

    • Public Schools, Private Schools, IMSA, and home schooled students are welcome to apply
    • Students must be of Indian American descent
    • Students must be a current High School Senior graduating in the current school year.
    • Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA on 4.0 Scale (4.0 GPA on 5.0 Scale)
  5. How do you define Indian Descent?

    A student of Indian descent is someone who was either born in India, has parents or grandparents born in India.

  6. I am already in college - can I participate?

    The scholarship program is meant for high school seniors graduating in the current academic year. If you are already in college, unfortunately you would not be eligible to participate.

  7. What do I receive if I am selected?

    Each scholarship is worth $1,000. Once selected, you will be notified by our panel and will be invited to attend the award ceremony where you will be presented with the award.

  8. Is the selection process impartial?

    The review committee is completely a separate panel from the current scholarship committee and the ICO board. The review committee comprises of teachers and entrepreneurs who are not affiliated with the applicants or ICO, making them completely independent.

  9. Can the families of ICO Team participate?

    Unfortunately, no. We are keeping the core ICO team out of the scholarship program.

  10. How is the money raised for scholarships?

    The funds for scholarships are raised via annual ICO programs and special donations from our patrons and sponsors.

  11. I would like to sponsor one or more scholarships � can I do it in my family or business name?

    Absolutely. You can sponsor the scholarship in any name you like.